Dinah Jefferies books in order – Update List 02/2024

Dinah Jefferies is an accomplished author known for her captivating historical fiction novels. With a focus on themes of love, loss, and healing, Jefferies has written several best-selling books that have captured the hearts of readers worldwide.

Dinah Jefferies Books in Order

  1. The Tea Planter’s Wife
  2. The Sapphire Widow
  3. The Silk Merchant’s Daughter
  4. The Missing Sister
  5. Daughters of War (Daughters of War, #1)
  6. Before the Rains
  7. The Separation
  8. The Tuscan Contessa
  9. The Hidden Palace (The Daughters of War, #2)
  10. Night Train to Marrakech (Daughters of War #3)

Synopsis of Dinah Jefferies Books in Order

The Tea Planter’s Wife

“The Tea Planter’s Wife” is a novel by Dinah Jefferies that takes place in 1920s Ceylon, now modern-day Sri Lanka. The story follows the experiences of young Gwendolyn Hooper, who marries Laurence, a widower and wealthy tea plantation owner. As Gwendolyn settles into her new life on the plantation, she discovers that her husband and the estate’s staff are keeping secrets from her. She becomes increasingly isolated and begins to question her own safety and the well-being of her unborn child.

As the story unfolds, Gwendolyn delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding her husband’s first wife and the plantation’s dark past. She forms complex relationships with the locals and uncovers the truth about her husband’s past, leading to devastating consequences. The novel explores themes of love, loss, betrayal, and the impact of colonialism on the lives of individuals.

Dinah Jefferies expertly weaves a gripping tale of romance, suspense, and historical fiction in “The Tea Planter’s Wife.” The novel offers a vivid portrayal of the lush landscapes of Ceylon, while also delving into the complexities of human relationships and the lingering effects of the colonial era. With its richly developed characters and compelling narrative, the book is a captivating read that transports readers to a bygone era filled with secrets and intrigue.

The Sapphire Widow

“The Sapphire Widow” by Dinah Jefferies is a gripping historical novel set in Ceylon in the 1930s. The story follows the life of Louisa Reeve, a young widow who is left to manage her late husband’s estate after his sudden death. As she struggles to cope with her grief and the responsibilities thrust upon her, Louisa uncovers secrets about her husband’s past and must navigate the complexities of colonial society.

As Louisa digs deeper into her husband’s affairs, she discovers the extent of his deception and betrayal. She also finds herself drawn to Leo, a mysterious and charming plantation owner, which further complicates her already turbulent life. As she grapples with her own desires and the expectations of society, Louisa must make difficult decisions that will shape her future and determine her happiness.

“The Sapphire Widow” is a tale of love, loss, and self-discovery set against the backdrop of a vibrant and tumultuous era. Dinah Jefferies weaves a compelling story of a woman’s journey to independence and empowerment in a world where tradition and societal norms hold sway. The novel is a rich and evocative exploration of the complexities of human relationships and the resilience of the human spirit.

The Silk Merchant’s Daughter

“The Silk Merchant’s Daughter” by Dinah Jefferies is a captivating historical fiction novel set in 1950s Vietnam. The story follows the journey of 18-year-old Nicole, who returns to Vietnam with her French father after spending years in a convent school in France. As Nicole becomes reacquainted with her homeland, she discovers the troubling political and social changes taking place in the country. Amidst the turmoil, she finds herself drawn to the silk trade and becomes involved in her father’s business, while also navigating her complicated feelings for a handsome American journalist.

The novel vividly portrays the lush landscapes of Vietnam and the rich cultural tapestry of the country during a time of significant change. Dinah Jefferies weaves a tale of love, loss, and resilience as Nicole grapples with her own identity and her connection to the country of her birth. The lush descriptions and evocative writing bring the setting to life, immersing the reader in the sights, sounds, and emotions of 1950s Vietnam.

As Nicole delves deeper into the silk trade and becomes entangled in a dangerous web of secrets, she must confront the complexities of her family’s past and the challenges of the present. “The Silk Merchant’s Daughter” is a poignant and engrossing story of personal and political upheaval, love and betrayal, and the powerful bonds that tie us to our heritage and homeland.

The Missing Sister

“The Missing Sister” by Dinah Jefferies tells the story of Belle, a woman who embarks on a journey to Vietnam in search of her missing sister. Set in 1930s French Indochina, the novel explores themes of family, love, and loss as Belle navigates through the lush landscapes and complex cultural dynamics of Southeast Asia. As she delves deeper into her investigation, Belle uncovers secrets and confronts the colonial tensions that shape the society around her.

The novel offers a rich portrayal of a tumultuous period in Vietnam’s history, incorporating themes of war, identity, and heritage. Through vivid descriptions and compelling storytelling, Jefferies weaves a tale of intrigue and suspense that keeps readers engaged until the last page. Belle’s search for her sister also becomes a journey of self-discovery, as she grapples with her own emotions and confronts the realities of a world in upheaval. “The Missing Sister” is a compelling historical fiction that weaves together complex characters and evocative settings to create a captivating narrative.

Dinah Jefferies skillfully combines elements of mystery, romance, and historical fiction to create a compelling and immersive read. With its richly detailed setting and emotionally resonant story, “The Missing Sister” offers a captivating exploration of familial bonds and the enduring strength of the human spirit. As Belle untangles the threads of her sister’s disappearance, she uncovers a web of deceit and betrayal that forces her to confront the harsh realities of life in a colonial society.

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Daughters of War (Daughters of War, #1)

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Before the Rains

“Before the Rains” by Dinah Jefferies is a historical fiction novel set in 1930s India. The story follows the life of 28-year-old photographer Eliza, who travels to India to document the royal family of Rajputana. As she explores the breathtaking landscapes and encounters the captivating culture, Eliza becomes entangled in a forbidden romance with Jay, the prince of the royal family. However, their love is threatened by the strict social conventions and political tensions of the time.

The novel vividly depicts the vibrant and exotic setting of India, as well as the complex relationships and power struggles within the royal family. Against the backdrop of political unrest and cultural traditions, Eliza and Jay must grapple with their feelings for each other while navigating the constraints of society. As Eliza delves deeper into the secrets and scandals of the royal household, she discovers her own strength and courage to fight for love and against the forces that seek to keep them apart.

“Before the Rains” is a captivating tale of love, betrayal, and sacrifice set against the rich tapestry of India’s history and culture. The novel beautifully captures the complexities of colonialism, tradition, and societal expectations, while also celebrating the resilience and spirit of its characters. Dinah Jefferies weaves a compelling and atmospheric narrative that will transport readers to a world of opulence and intrigue, as well as the timeless themes of love and freedom.

The Separation

“The Separation” by Dinah Jefferies is a novel set in 1950s Malaya, during the time of the country’s struggle for independence from British rule. The story follows Lydia Cartwright, a young English woman, who returns to Malaya with her two children to join her husband, a rubber plantation owner. However, soon after their arrival, they are caught in the midst of a political uprising, leading to the separation of the family.

The novel portrays the emotional and physical challenges faced by Lydia and her children as they navigate through the turmoil of the political situation in Malaya. It also delves into the impact of the separation on the family and explores the themes of love, loss, and resilience. As Lydia struggles to protect and reunite her family, she also discovers secrets about her husband that further complicate their situation.

“The Separation” provides a compelling portrayal of a tumultuous period in Malayan history and the personal struggles of a family caught in the vortex of political unrest. Dinah Jefferies skillfully weaves a gripping and emotional narrative that captures the reader’s attention from start to finish.

The Tuscan Contessa

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The Hidden Palace (The Daughters of War, #2)

“The Hidden Palace” is the second book in “The Daughters of War” series by Dinah Jefferies. Set in 1950s French Indochina, the story follows Nicole Duval, who returns to Vietnam after being separated from her daughter during the war. As she tries to search for her daughter, she becomes entwined in the political and social turmoil of the country, struggling to navigate the complicated relationships and secrets that have emerged in her absence.

The novel explores the themes of love, betrayal, and the impact of war on personal relationships. It provides a vivid portrayal of post-war Vietnam, depicting the struggle for independence and the clash between cultural traditions and modernity. The rich historical detail and compelling characters make for a gripping and emotional read that delves into the complexities of human connection and resilience in the face of adversity.

With its lush setting and compelling narrative, “The Hidden Palace” is a poignant and atmospheric novel that captures the tumultuous aftermath of war and the enduring power of love and family. Dinah Jefferies delivers a captivating story that immerses readers in a world of intrigue and heartache, offering a moving exploration of the human spirit in the face of loss and upheaval.

Night Train to Marrakech (Daughters of War #3)

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About Dinah Jefferies

Breaking News! Richard & Judy have selected THE TEA PLANTER’S WIFE for their autumn bookclub 2015. Here’s what bestselling author Santa Montefiore had to say about it: “My ideal read; mystery, love, heartbreak and joy – I couldn’t put it down.” And here’s Richard Madeley’s take on it: “The Tea Planter’s Wife is so much more than a conventional love story, with all its twists and turns and guilt and betrayal…deeply impressive. The fetid, steamy atmosphere of the tropics rises from these pages like a humid mist.”

In this gripping novel, we are taken to a tea plantation in 1920s Ceylon, where 19-year-old Gwendolyn Hooper becomes the new bride of the wealthy and charming owner. But her romantic dreams are soon overshadowed by echoes from the past – an old trunk of musty dresses and an neglected gravestone in the grounds. As Gwen’s new husband refuses to talk about them, she begins to realize that her perfect man is becoming a perfect stranger…

Dinah Jefferies, the author of THE TEA PLANTER’S WIFE, draws inspiration from her own experiences, including her childhood in Malaya during the 1950s and the sudden death of her fourteen-year-old son in 1985. Her debut novel, The Separation, has been praised by author Kate Furnivall as “a powerful story of love and loss that is utterly captivating,” and it is clear that Dinah Jefferies skillfully captures the fragile moments of history in her novels. With her diverse life experiences, including living in Tuscany, working as an au pair for an Italian countess, and residing in a hippy commune in an Elizabethan manor house, Dinah’s writing transports readers to rich and vivid settings.

Author Dinah Jefferies

Dinah Jefferies is a talented author with a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for capturing the complexities of human relationships and historical settings. Her books offer readers a rich tapestry of emotions, from love and loss to betrayal and redemption. Through her evocative narratives, Jefferies also shines a light on important ideological lessons, such as challenging societal norms and the power of resilience, ultimately leaving readers with a deeper understanding of human nature and the enduring strength of the human spirit.

FAQs about author Dinah Jefferies

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