Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Juicer Common Questions and Answers


John from shows you how he juices his daily vegetable juice and also shares with you the answers to some common questions that he gets about the Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000. He will answer the following questions:
How to best juice only wheatgrass.
Do I have to chop all my produce when feeding into the Green Star Elite?
How to minimize foaming when juicing leafy greens including kale and spinach.
Why the Green Star Elite is the best juicer for storing your juices.
Why the juicer doesn’t turn on or is turns off and on sometimes.
Are squeeking sounds normal?
What is the difference between the Green Star Elite and original Green Star Juicers?
What is the difference between the Green Star Elite and other juicers?
Is the warranty on the Green Star Elite 5 or 12 years?
Is the Green Star Elite like other Gear juicers on the market?
and many more questions will be answered..


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  1. Best for a mix of leafy greens and vegetables would have to be the GSE-5000 in terms of yield and nutrient quality, in my opinion.

  2. Based on test results I have seen, the GSE-5000 extracts more nutrition from the juice than the norwalk. For my opinions on storing juices, please see

  3. You can run the pulp back thru juicers for further extraction. On certain juicers, such as the VRT this is not advised, as it will clog the machine. That would work better on the 8005/8006.

  4. The fruit attachment is just a different outlet adjusting knob with a different spring tension.
    The pasta attachment is sold seperately and is used to only extrude pasta. Most people do not use this, so they do not include it. Please contact your local dealer to see if they can order it for you if you want it.

  5. I have seen a very low defect rate with the GSE-5000. I wouldnt say its more than the old model, maybe the same.

  6. The warranty in the USA is 12 years. Please contact your local dealer of the GSE to find out what the warranty is in your country.

  7. It depends on the factors that are important to you. Each juicer has its pros and cons. The pros of the GSE is that it will make the highest quality juice and yield the most on vegetables.. the con is that it takes longer to clean and the initial investment cost.

  8. This juicer takes me about 2x the time it takes me to clean the vrt. You will need to scrub down the screen and wash all parts. Plastic on juicers will stain over time if you dont wash it as soon as possible. As far as I know, the GSE uses non-bpa parts in this machine.

  9. The twin gear design tends to make more foam than the horizontal single auger juicers when juicing wheatgrass ALONE. Each type of juicer is better/worse at certain produce items. When juicing carrots + wheatgrass, the GSE is fine.

  10. depends if you are juicing straight greens or not. If you are juicing ONLY greens then yes. If you are doing combination juices (greens + carrots + apples) than I would say the GSE.

  11. absolutely not. It is proven that centrifugal ejection juicers do not yield as much (quantity) out of things like leafy greens as the slow running juicers. In addition, the slow running juicers make a much more nutrient rich juice. I believe centrifugal juicers are all show and no go.. but they do fill a niche for people that are at least juicing because its fast vs drinking a soda. I believe that the slow juicers are best and almost exclusively use them myself now.

  12. Each model has their pros and cons. When juicing greens ALONE, the 8000 series will be more efficient in terms of yield. When mixing greens and carrots, the GSE will be more efficient in terms of yield. In all cases, the GSE will get higher nutrition out of the juice.

  13. Hi John. I'm looking for a Juicer for carrots, celery, but mainly spinach and other leafy greens. Do oyu recommend Greenstar or rather Omega 8000 series? Was about to buy the Angel juicer, good thing I've watched your videos, thx man!

  14. Hi John, love your work, don't you think its too long a time preparing all of that food and too much force used to put the food through a narrow chute to get the perfect juice when a powerful centrifugal juicer could whizz it and it might a less than perfect juice but its done and you can get on with your day.

  15. thanks for that information John, as usual I find your work very interesting and educational. After viewing this one i'll be sticking with my Phillips 700 watt centrifugal juicer. I could not devote so much time to juicing three times a day, the centrifugal one is so much quicker, requires no prep just drop 'em in and whizz. It is a little sacrifice in yield for more time in your day, Thanks again, Ian.

  16. doing a lot of green juices and following Gersons Therapy, would you recommend this over the Omega 8006?

  17. @rawfoods why is the Green Star Elite GSE-5000 not especially for juicing mainly wheatgrass? That's not entirely clear to me; you did not explain it,for me to understand.

    The GSE is best for mixed vegetables. For Wheatgrass you give preference to the SoloStar 2 (also by Tribest).

    I’m new to juicing. What I think I will do is order wheatgrass to juice one or two glasses a day. The rest will be vegetables. The grass will be a one week delivery straight from the grower but pre-cut, so not a flat.

  18. Hi John, thank you for the video! I want to switch from my Omega vrt to this juicer tomorrow. Can you please tell my how long this takes to clean?! Can I just rinse it immediately after use with hot soapy water without scrubbing it?! Does the plastic stain?! Will they ever come out with bpa freindly upgradable parts?! and lastly, why does this model look so ugly compared to other juicers, haha…but seriously. It looks just like a 90's sewing machine :Z


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