Koch Chemie coming to the United States! My review of Green Star (their APC)


Koch Chemie is a brand with global recognition, although they haven’t had much (if any) presence in the United States. Until now.

According to their FB page, Koch Chemie is: “Only certified brand by Bmw, Mercedes, Audi” — so that sounds pretty official, right?

Anyway, this video is about Green Star, their all purpose cleaner, and I’ve found it does an excellent job at 5:1on exterior paint, rims and tires. After making this video, I found out they DO have an online presence already. So you can buy this stuff or at least check out there whole line up here:

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  1. I've heard people in german videos pronounce it koshhemi, like KOSH – HEMI (as a chrysler engine "hemi"). Asked a friend from Germany, the correct way would be KOH, but she believes it's a regional accent so there. 😀

  2. You're gonna love this, dear American friends, quality shit from Europe, enjoy. Also, just add a bit of GS into their snow foam and strip the god damn dirt atoms off of the car 😀

  3. First of all:
    Guys, why you care so much how he is pronouncing Koch Chemie 😀 (Btw the IPA would be „ kɔχ – çeˈmiː “)

    You have to test out the other products of the company. I highly recommend their „Nano magic plast care“ for exterior plastic parts!! 🙂 it will look like new.

  4. You compare koch chemie to meguiar's 🤣🤣🤣🤣 here in europe koch chemie products are extremely trusted which is not always the case of megs!!

  5. Man I waited for you to get exhausted and use it in the foamcannon instead LOL. If you keep going to be useing KC Green Star get the iK Multi pump sprayer. As you don't really need to be foaming this and you don't need to be pumping like a maniac with the ordinary pump sprayers. Just a couple of tips. If your PW has a chemical tank on it it usually dilutes it to 1:20. Which can be well enough for a pretreat on the paint and the pump sprayer 1:5 on the wheels and the wheel wells.

    Another tips when you use pretreat/prewash foam or not. Then you use the water pressure from the PW to clean with more effective. And if you start from the bottom and work your way up with the water pressure spray cleaning every part of the vehical. You see much easier where you have been cleaning and actually dirty rinse water run off easier on an already cleaned surface. In some cases the dirt can attach it self on the dirty paint which just gives you more work and more time to get it done. Test it out and see how you like it doing it this way. And maybe try the next width of the PW nozzle tip to have a wider cleaning ability. Not the 40 degree nozzle tip but 15-20 degree nozzle tip gets you a faster cleaning when you prewash vehicals.

    Okay one more tips that works awesome if you have a problem with it during the winter months where you live. If you get a lot of tar spots during the winter months as we get these a lot here in Sweden where I live. We start with on a dry paint spray on the tar remover from behind the front wheels and around to back of the car and to the other side of the front wheels. Don't apply it over the side windows and just up to them. It can be that it can run in to the inside of the doors and mess with the rust protection inside there. Also don't spray tar remover in the wheel wells either be cause of it desolve the rust protection. Now when the tar remover has dwelled enough. You can apply alkaline based degreasers like the Koch Chemie Green Star over the whole vehical and over the tar remover. Let it dwell and PW clean rinsing it off. It's a method used by many here in Sweden and it works great.

    Great video and think that you got there polishes too. These are awesome and will be interesting to see how you like them.

  6. You’re having way too much fun trying to pronounce Koch Chemie lol. Really looking forward to seeing this come to the US. Very well respected brand oversees. Thanks for the video! Hopefully you get to test more Koch Chemie products.

  7. Oh Man that stuff looks awesome, again another great video. Brother you need to get a nicer pressure washer tho and a wider tip, once you learn the right chemistry for the job all you need is the pressure washer gpm to rinse off everything, I like to call it soft washing as we call it in the house cleaning business.

  8. Great!! I only use theri products in Europe,they have every product in 10 or 20 and 35 liters. Their mzwr is for interior it also has 12.something PH.
    And price is superb 1L of green star i buy for 7 $.
    Their abbrasives don't have oils in it and they don't dust almost at all.
    You will see they are awsome man!
    Keep up the good work!!

  9. I wouldn't use it o the interior though, even if they state it on the bottle. Koch has another APC its called ASC (All Surface Cleaner) which is safe on all surfaces even on screens. When they launch their products in the US, be sure to grab a bottle of ASC too.

  10. Don't pronounce it like it Chinese 🙂 ,it's German brand,high level products. That pro line also has Gsf – foaming shampoo ,that recommended to be mixed with GS for pretreat .

  11. vary popular in europe, we love them. try their wax-grease remover FW, and their detailer/wtaer spot limesclae remover Fse.both they will blow ypu away …..and many many other products famus in Europe from koch chemie………….we call them….(kots tsemie)!!!

  12. Their bottles look very professional, looking forward to place an order, thank you for the reviewing 👍🏼


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