Narrow Skies – Season of Gold


Season of Gold ☀️
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💬 I wonder what fool it was that first invented kissing.
-Jonathan Swift

🧡 Narrow Skies

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  1. That's a beautiful song, made me sad but at the same time joy, because of those beautiful chosen lyrics , I so much enjoyed this music

  2. , it's easy for the mind to wander when Once In Love and dealing with the circumference of that person not being available any longer it's never as simple as it looks you actually see that person in every window you here that person and every comment and in a good way you've feel like they're speaking to you or looking at you or responding to you and in fact they're not David simply pick up the phone and call you like you would do for them if that's what you wanted so the complexity of that in itself put you out there is kind of a burden and a nuisance until you figure this those things out now that I have actually today knowing LOL but I have not received the phone call haven't changed my number means wishful thinking and Wishful Thinking alone on my part coming to terms with that now you realize you just simply have to walk away and deal with it the best you can it's done it's over and you have no control over it one way or the other senseless to hope for it to come back senseless to sit and wait for it you have to move forward and from this moment on I'll be able to do that even without closure all that being said that was pretty long-winded this song I will forever be grateful to because the roller coaster of emotions that it brings out and surfaces from down low are both great spectacular and horribly true all at the same time the ups and the Downs of life and relationships are surfaced and come to life during this music it's what you do with it when it surfaces that's important God bless everyone thanks for Lending the ear even if unwilling to this station is great and all of you listeners are even greater wishing a wonderful life to all

  3. I hope that everyone has a blessed day, and always remember to smile, even if it might seem hard to smile at times. Because things get better, and brighter days are coming. Know that you can grow and move past the pain and suffering your enduring in life. So don't give up yet because things will start to fall into place. Have a great day everyone

  4. I would walk this walk all over again many times over again until I was capable of getting it right everything worth having is worth sticking in there it's worth going through the good times and the bad times until finally we get it right in the meantime we enjoy each bad moment as well as we do each grade for the two are intertwined best leaving you with the best product of all love

  5. Lyrics ✔️

    We walked that season of gold
    I'd walk it again with you
    Clouded moments, hazy pictures in my mind

    I've seen this moment before
    Can I go there again with you?
    Reminisce, of where time stands still

    And I, I might need,
    I might need to reimagine

    And I, I might need,
    I might need to reimagine (to reimagine)

    We walked that season of gold
    I'd walk it again with you
    Clouded moments, hazy pictures in my mind

    And as the season turns cold
    I'd do it all again with you
    Distant memories… or just a dream?

  6. I think it's the first song with lyrics that I've heard in this channel! Beautiful, I love the ambient piano lines, just fading in and out.

    Her voice is absolutely perfect! It makes me remind of the LOTR soundtrack, but with an ambient vibe instead of orchestral 🙂

    Those dark moments in the song give an amazing contrast!

  7. ♫♪・*:..。♫*゚¨゚゚・*:..。 Wonderful 👍゜.+:。(*´v`*)゜.+:。💕 Very good.


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