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Wyndham Lewis was a British writer and painter known for his modernist works that often explored the themes of modernity, power, and the individual. He wrote over 40 books throughout his career, including novels, essays, and manifestos. His writings often reflected his interest in the impact of industrialization and technology on society and the individual.

Wyndham Lewis Books in Order

  1. Tarr
  2. Blast #1
  3. The Apes of God
  4. The Revenge for Love
  5. Blast #2
  6. Self Condemned
  7. The Childermass
  8. Blasting and Bombardiering (Calderbook, CB 225)
  9. Time and Western Man
  10. Men Without Art

Overview of Wyndham Lewis Books in Order


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Blast #1

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The Apes of God

“The Apes of God” is a novel written by Wyndham Lewis and first published in 1930. Set in the world of avant-garde artists and intellectuals in London, the story follows the lives and interactions of a group of characters who are involved in the modern art world. The main character, Frederick, is an artist who becomes entangled in the lives of various eccentric and self-absorbed individuals, including fellow artists, critics, and patrons. Through Frederick’s experiences, the novel explores themes of artistic ambition, pretension, and the nature of creativity.

The novel delves into the complexities of human relationships and the pursuit of artistic expression, presenting a satirical and critical portrayal of the art world. The characters in “The Apes of God” navigate their own ambitions and egos, often clashing with one another as they seek to establish their reputations and secure their places in the art scene. The novel also examines the impact of societal changes and cultural shifts on the art world, as well as the tension between artistic integrity and the demands of commercial success.

Overall, “The Apes of God” offers a candid and often caustic examination of the nature of art and the people who inhabit the world of modernism in early 20th century London. The novel’s portrayal of artistic pretension, intellectual posturing, and human folly makes it a significant work in the canon of modernist literature.

The Revenge for Love

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Blast #2

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Self Condemned

“Self Condemned” by Wyndham Lewis is a novel that delves deep into the mind of its protagonist, a disillusioned writer named Thomas Hardy. The story takes place in Montreal, where Hardy is struggling to find his place in society and grapple with his own inner demons. As he becomes increasingly isolated and detached from reality, Hardy’s thoughts and actions become more erratic and self-destructive.

The novel is a dark and introspective exploration of the human psyche, as Hardy grapples with feelings of alienation, guilt, and despair. Through Lewis’s vivid and evocative prose, readers are taken on a journey into the depths of Hardy’s troubled mind, as he confronts the harsh realities of his own existence and the world around him. As Hardy’s mental state deteriorates, the novel becomes a powerful and unsettling commentary on the nature of self-condemnation and the complexities of the human experience.

“Self Condemned” is a thought-provoking and haunting novel that delves into themes of isolation, disillusionment, and existential despair. Through its compelling portrayal of a troubled writer’s inner turmoil, the novel offers a stark and unflinching look at the human condition and the struggle for meaning in a world that often feels devoid of it. With its rich and immersive prose, “Self Condemned” is a gripping and unforgettable exploration of the darker aspects of the human psyche.

The Childermass

“The Childermass” is a novel written by Wyndham Lewis that explores the themes of war, society, and the individual. Set in post-World War I London, the novel follows the story of Alfredo Godolphin, a young man who becomes involved in a complex and bizarre conspiracy. As Alfredo delves deeper into the mystery, he uncovers a world of deceit, violence, and manipulation, forcing him to question his own identity and beliefs.

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The novel is known for its experimental narrative style and the use of modernist techniques, such as stream-of-consciousness and non-linear storytelling. The characters in the novel are often deeply flawed and morally ambiguous, reflecting the disillusionment and chaos of the post-war era. Through its complex and layered plot, “The Childermass” presents a powerful commentary on the destructive nature of war and the impact it has on the individual and society.

Overall, “The Childermass” is a thought-provoking and challenging novel that offers a unique perspective on the human condition and the complexities of modern life. It is a compelling read for those interested in literature that pushes the boundaries of traditional storytelling and delves into the darker aspects of human nature.

Blasting and Bombardiering (Calderbook, CB 225)

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Time and Western Man

Time and Western Man is a philosophical and sociological work by Wyndham Lewis that explores the concept of time and its impact on Western civilization. The book delves into the nature of time as a dimension in human experience, and how it influences individual behavior, societal structures, and cultural developments. Lewis examines the ways in which Western man has constructed and perceived time throughout history, and how this has shaped his worldview and actions.

The author also explores the relationship between time and artistic expression, arguing that the modern perception of time has led to a fragmented and chaotic artistic culture. He discusses the implications of this fragmentation on the individual’s sense of identity and purpose, as well as on broader social and political dynamics. Through his analysis, Lewis offers a critical perspective on the modern condition and calls for a reevaluation of the Western concept of time and its impact on humanity.

Drawing from a wide range of disciplines including philosophy, psychology, and sociology, Time and Western Man presents a thought-provoking examination of the role of time in human society. Lewis offers a unique and insightful perspective on the ways in which time shapes human experience and the need for a deeper understanding of its influence on individual and collective life. The book provokes readers to reconsider their assumptions about time and its impact on Western civilization.

Men Without Art

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Who is Wyndham Lewis

Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957) was a multi-talented artist and writer, known for his role as a central figure in the history of modernism. He founded Vorticism, an original movement in 20th century English painting, and his Vorticist paintings from 1913 were the first abstract works produced in England. His novel Tarr, published in 1918, earned him praise from his contemporaries, establishing him as a satirical novelist. After his service in the First World War, Lewis struggled to revive the avant-garde spirit of Vorticism. He turned to the study of political theory, anthropology, philosophy, and aesthetics, becoming a respected thinker. His works, like The Art of Being Ruled and The Lion and the Fox, created a reputation for him as an important contemporary thinker. However, his satirical writings, such as The Apes of God and Hitler, damaged his standing. Despite this, Lewis continued to produce masterful paintings and fiction, eventually going blind in 1951. He lived to see his work honored with a retrospective exhibition at the Tate Gallery in 1956 and continued writing until his death.

Author Wyndham Lewis

In conclusion, the works of Wyndham Lewis present a myriad of ideological lessons, from the exploration of modernity and its impact on human consciousness to the critique of societal norms and institutions. Through his writing, Lewis examines the complexities of human existence, the role of art in society, and the constant struggle for individuality in the face of conformity. His books offer a thought-provoking reflection on the human condition and the ever-changing dynamics of the world, making them a valuable source of insight and understanding.

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