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The day turns quickly for the four gold miners on the Alberta Prairies…They say that Gold Mining is easy.. and that all rainbows lead to a pot of GOLD. This may be the case.. but we weren’t ready for todays adventure. The machines are set up, and the season weather is starting to turn on us.. how much GOLD can we get? Watch and find out..!

For those of you who don’t know…

“#youtubegold” is a 100% canadian #parody of the popular Gold Shows we see on TV such as #goldrush, yukon gold and others.. Yes, we are mining real gold.. and yes, we are full grown men using tiny machines to mine the gold. We are currently in the Second Season, and this is episode 21.

There is irony in all of what you most of this show is all choreographed. THiS IS THE INTERNET.. Do not believe everything you see..! heh…

Almost all scenarios are staged, acting out our characters, comedy.. etc.. In fact, we are not even working for efficiency, as we are a group of hobbyists who are more interested in entertaining our audience.. than “actually getting gold”. Being an RC show, we use as many RC’s as possible to achieve this. Again, all we are doing is goofing off for a good Saturday of fun.

A few of the things that are not staged is our friendship, the laughter, camaraderie, and of course.. THE GOLD! (Yes, it’s real pay dirt). The true Gold is the experience we get as friends, what we hope the viewers get watching a group of goofballs entertain them with some very cool toys. One mans hobby, is another’s entertainment on YouTube!

The Game Changer for us was the amazing separating table we got from It has made recovering our gold SO MUCH EASIER! This website is PACKED full of amazing Gold Recovery equipment.. BIG or SMALL!

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  1. guys I noticed your copper water line (pipe) was creased from you bending the pipe. If you fill the pipe with sand and pack it in tight that wont happen. You'll get ALOT more water and it wont be limited from the creased pipe.

  2. lol….omg joe!!! I love you bro but sandals? Grown men weren't ment to wear sandals. Jesus is the only one that can rock sandals and make them look good a on a dude. 🤣 Joe wouldve been the last person I wouldve thought wore em.

  3. Hi man, i love your videos and i was wondering, why don't you start a new series called "Construction Site" and use your rc's to build roads, bridges, tunnels, etc, that would be awesome!

  4. Totally thought when you did the wide shot with you guys runnin back and forth with the machines…a lightning bolt would have hit the ground


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